"Yogurt is an ideal food that is recognized. It has unique flavor, sweet and moderate, delicious, nutritious, rich in lactic acid bacteria beneficial to the human body, and is loved by people. It is more than milk. It is easy to be harder to be absorbed by human body, and a large number of active lactic acid bacteria can help digestion, promote appetite, strengthen the material metabolism of the body. And yogurt calcium is better than milk, and self-made yogurt can control the heat. For the help of Yogurt Weight Loss Beauty White Collar, DIY is a good choice. There are many kinds of yogurt, as breakfast staple food, I recommend yogurt + grain + fresh fruit, crispy ready-to-eat cereals, silky low-sugar yogurt, There are all kinds of fresh fruit aroma, awake appetizing, nutrition health, simple production, just a few minutes! "


Main material pure milk 1000 ml, yogurt powder 1 gram, fine sugar 80 grams, excipient colorful fruit grains 35 grams, fresh fruit, sour taste, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for macating fruit grain yogurt

1 Prepare the ingredients of yogurt, pure milk and yogurt powder.

2 First disinfect the container with boiling water.

3 Each glassware is loaded with 500 ml of pure milk, and 0.5 grams of yogurt powder (HALF bag), mixing well.

4 Add liner into the yogurt machine to inject about 40 degrees of warm water.

5 Choose yogurt procedure, fermented 8 hours.

After the production of yogurt is completed, add fine sugar, mix well, and put into the refrigerator for 4 hours.

7 Take a proper amount of cooked yogurt, 1 pack of mixed fruit grains and appropriate amount of fresh fruit together, making it into a mint fruit cereal yogurt.


Yogurt, fruit, grain free to match, your breakfast has advocated it.