"Tasty delicious effect, especially for women, the protein decomposition enzymes, which can compensate for the secretion of pancreas and intestines, supplement the lack of gastric juice, help to decompose protein and starch. Papaya contains carotene And rich vitamin C, they have strong antioxidant capacity, help body repair organization, eliminate toxic substances, enhance human immunity. Papaya is a common fruit in summer. Many people like to eat directly, and some people like to make papaya. Yogurt, papaya fragrance, adding yogurt, makes a taste very good, appetite will become very good. This time, the papaya has a squeezed papaya pockets, and the squeezed fruit squeeze Very delicate, completely do not destroy nutrition ~ The papaya yogurt cup is really suitable for the summer ~ Let's try it ~ "


Main material papaya HALF, 300 grams of old yogurt, excipient blueberry, 1 red cloth, 1 palate, sweet taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Parmuguku puzzle

11. Supor Juice machine is cleaned, using a fruit mud mixture

2 ready for ingredients

3 papaya peeled seeds

4 papaya cut into small pieces, put it in the feed mouth of the juice machine

5 launching fruit mud fruit sauce keys

6 Constant push into the mouth

7 After all of them, squeezes very evenly.

8 loaded into the cup

9 put your yogurt

10 blueberries, orange and red cloth decoration can be decorated

11 beautiful beauty