"Greek yoghurt is actually depriotting yogurt, is a product after the milk, and its viscosity is between yogurt and cheese, and she still retains the unique sour taste of yogurt. It is worth mentioning that Greek yogurt, Through the special filter process, most of the sugar, lactose, and whey were removed, making it thick as the cream. Under the same unit, the protein nutrients contained in Greek yoghurt is a TWO multiplication of traditional yogurt, and the heat included It is a Half of a traditional yogurt. For consumers who like cream, lescoose, Greek yoghurt is definitely a healthy and delicious food. "


Main material pure milk 1000 ml, 80 grams of fine sugar, 1 gram of the accessories, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Greek yogurt practice steps

1 Preparation: 1 liter pure milk, 1 pack of bacterium, a yogurt machine.

2 After disinfecting the container with boiling water, pour pure milk, then add 1 pack of bacterium, mix well.

3 Add yogurt machine and add warm water to ferment 8-9 hours.

4 After the fermentation is completed, add fine sugar, mix well, then put into the refrigerator and passivate 4 hours.

5 gauze cooked with boiling water and disinfected. Whey filters are hot with warm water. Put the gauze into the whey filter.

6 Pour the passivated yogurt into the whey filter and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

7 After 24 hours of filtering, the whey in yogurt was filtered, and the removal yogurt was left.

8 filtered whey nutritional value is high, good taste, like we usually drink more.

9 boxes of greek yogurt in the mouth cotton slip, between yogurt and cheese, very delicious


The addition of sugar can be adjusted according to its own taste. On the one hand, add sugar can increase the flavor, and on the other hand, add sugar can play a certain anti-corrosion.