"Breader yogurt makes simple taste taste. It is very well stirring. It is only a few minutes. It is 8 hours later to save it.


Ingredients milk 1000g, excipient fungi 1g, white sugar 48g, sour taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Bread machine vintage yogurt practice steps

1 Prepare 4 bags of milk (1000g) white sugar 48g 1g

2 Put the milk with a little hot water, the milk temperature is not hot 35 a 40 degree or so is a better fermentation

3 Pour the bread machine in the bottom of the power supply bread bucket in the bottom of the water milk, and the yam is uniform in order to ferment.

4 milk is warm, pour a bag of milk into the yogurt bowl and stir it into the white sugar.

5 White sugar is mixed, pour the second bag of milk and pour into the fungus and stir uniformly and then pour the rest of the TWO bag.

6 is completely stirred, throw away the foam that drifted out of the surface (no oil in the spoon)

7 caps are placed in a bread bucket

8 launched yogurt function 8 hours

After 98 hours, yoghurt bucket was put into the refrigerator.

10 The refrigerated yogurt can taste beautifully

11 dispensed into the glass bottle