"Yogurt is a raw material for milk. It has been added to the fungal fermentation, but yogurt not only retains all the characteristics of milk, but it is more suitable for human nutrition and health care products after fermentation. Because your wife likes to drink yogurt. Every time I go to the shopping mall, I will run to my milk. I can't see a lot of additives in the yogurt, I can't see how much additives have been added, and I will be uncomfortable. I am afraid that I am not good for my body. So I try it online. The method of yogurt, learning you very well, the first time is very successful. Since I learned to make my milk, my wife's yogurt became more violent. Every day I have to drink yogurt. Try a new taste today! "


Ingredients milk 1000ml, excipient bacteria 1g, cotton sugar 50g, fruity taste, other processes, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Homemade handmade yogurt practice steps

1 Put the container and eggbeater into the pot and then take out the wipe dry water. Be sure to ensure that there is no waterless!

2 Pour a small amount of milk in the container, then pour the germetalline into the stirring,

3 Pour all the remaining milk into the stirring

4 After stirring, the container can be placed directly into the yogurt machine, or it can be mounted.

5 Open yogurt machine and set eight hours. Temperature General Yogurt machine is set, no need for us to set it, put the milk to the yogurt machine for fermentation.

6 After fermentation, add sugar or honey according to personal taste, and can also add fruit grains to make delicious fruit yogurt.

7 This is what I put on the top of Oreo, and then put a mint head, there is a feeling of eating soil?


Tips: When making it, it is necessary to use the container to wash and disinfect it, and ensure that the container has no waterless. Please do not frequently open the yogurt machine during the production, so as to avoid failure or affect the fermentation. Yogurt fermentation should not be too long, the more the lactic acid in the grate is, the more acid, which ultimately causes the acid to not eat. The fermented yogurt will be placed in the refrigerator and drink it within three days, because the first three days are a peak of various benefit. Yogurt can not be heated to kill the breeding bacteria. Will not drink yogurt in an empty stomach,