"Everyone knows, drinking yogurt: It tastes good and nutritious, but I don't know why? In fact, it is the credit of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt. Lactic acid bacteria is beneficial to the body, it can decompose lactose into the human body better absorbed Half lactose, glucose Improve the human absorption rate. Not only are there a considerable number of people in China and the world, there are few lactase secretions, not fully digestible diarrhea caused by lactose in breast milk or lactose in boiling milk, is also called lactose imperovise; So this part of the group of people can reduce yogurt, low milk sugar milk, can greatly reduce lactose imperceptibility. Yogurt has become a daily drink for your family, often drinking yogurt, not only speeds up the gastrointestinal motility of the human body, but also promotes Absorb and accelerate the efficacy of metabolism; therefore, we often say that you will not be fat after meals; it is because it will discharge toxins, so he has the effect of weight loss. Blueberry is known as "life fruit", fruit VMA (Glorosine Mill) has an activated retinal effect, can strengthen vision, prevent eye-catching, and adjust blood circulation, beauty and beauty, and even prevent arterial age; so it is the five major FAO recommended One of the healthy fruit ~~~ Today I combined with blueberry sauce, and made sauce pull flowers, really can say: delicious and beautiful ~~~ "


60 grams of white sugar, 1000 ml of pure milk, 1 gram of ivocurium powder, blueberry sauce, sour taste, baking process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Blueberry Sauce Pulling Yogurt Practice Steps

1 Preparation of ingredients, rich milk containers and stir bar

2 Pour the white sugar, a box of pure milk into the container

3 is then added to the yogurt powder to stir well

4 Continue to pour the remaining milk

5 is full

6 Add the container into the yogurt machine, plug in the power supply waiting for 6 hours

7 yogurt is doing well, take it out to save the refrigerator

8 bowls poured into a little yogurt and squeezed into some blue berry sauce

9 stir uniform with a spoon

10 pour some yogurt again, then squeeze a few larries in the surface.

11 Use a toothpick to outline your favorite pull flower pattern

12 finished products


1, yogurt likes, add sugar or not sugar 2, do not like Blue Berry sauce can be changed, you can also fresh fruit