"Green is fresh, refreshing. I saw avocado when I came to the United States. I didn't know how to eat, bad. Later, Mr. I taught me to do this. This avocado sauce is simple, healthy, you can use potato chipsOr pizza, cornflakes with sauce to eat. It is better than doing salad. "


Ingredients of 19 (green lemons), 3 parsley (or yoghurt), a cup of pagan (or yoghurt), 1/4 of the onion, 1/4 teaspoon of tomatoes, salt, and yangFresh crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Avocado fruit sauce practice steps

1 Avocado 2, cut, decore, put it into the container with a spoon

2 After all other ingredients are cut, and the avocado is poured together, add yogurt, a little salt

3 Eating the salt, squeeze the orange juice, and the eggs are broken into a mud shape. There is no eggbeater, which can be smashed with a fork.

4 can also break the juice, the broken taste is delicate


As the night night, good, low calorie