"The mountain is also known as a sugar and Li Zipose, the mountain thickens are a wild little fruit in the northeast. Some people like to eat unspeakable fruits, the sour taste. Some people like to eat ripe Today, I will share a mountainous Sauce is very simple. When the mountain is mature, I will share a more complicated practice, which is the practice of the threshing pie, the taste is more beautiful. "


Significant Mountain Dingzi 500g, excipient white sugar, sour taste, pickled craft, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Pathfarted fruit sauce step

1 First is to select the pick-up mountain, after cleaning

2 If there is no ripe mountain trip, you can put it in the pot, put on the water, put the rock sugar, if it is a ripe throw, you can use the mountain and sugar to pick up.

3 ice gaps, can be cooked


Jilin source wild brother special offer remind everyone. This is the main point of the mountain, but it is relatively simple. It is more simple. It can be used for seven days directly. It will not eat directly to the refrigerator. When you eat it, you can eat it, you taste very much. tasty