The main strawberry 2000g, 1 excipient lemon, 50g of sugar, sour taste, speculation, one hour, normal difficulty,

Practice for large particles strawberry sauce

1 Strawberry to Tie, Wash

2 strawberry sliced four five petals

3 plus three white sugar

4 mix well, pick up, pickled for ten minutes

5 Waterless oilless non-stick, put the strawberry block and pickled water, start stirring

6 I have been stirring into the soup, the strawberry lost moisture, and did not have a strong shape.

7 is coming out

8 large particles are very satisfied

9 can put the milk.Beige yogurt

10 放 冰 激

11 put on the cake

12 can grilled strawberry tarts


Sugar should not let too much.Sour is sweet and horned.Lemon can not be saved, fresh taste makes strawberry sauce more attractive