"Cocolc's private food recipes - Blueberry vinegar & Blueberry Fragrant Sauce [China Western Mandarin Vinegar Sauce] When I did it, try to do it, the result is better than expected. Whether it is a drink or desserts, cooking The dishes are very suitable for Chinese and Western-style catering. Sauce. Cancer, softening blood, enhance human body immunity, etc., high nutrients. Among them, because the blueberry is rich in anthocyanins, it has activated retinal effects, which can strengthen their vision, prevent eye fatigue and attention. It is also one of the five major healthy fruits recommended by the World FAO (original text from the network). "In this case, please dare, food friends to share" Cocolc's private food recipe "!


The main material is 150 grams of blueberry, 150 grams of black vinegar (water tower old vinegar or other black vinegar), excipient honey 150 grams (or sugar), fruity taste, seasoning process, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Blueberry Fragin Vinegar Sauce Practice Steps

1 Blueberry >> Blueberry Wash, Wipe the handling method, please refer to "Cocolc's private food recipes - homemade mini tomato dry". Black vinegar (water tower old vinegar). Honey .

2 The spare container is placed in blueberries and mix well using a hand-held agitator. (This step can be stirred together with the black vinegar (or add a sugar together), then pour it in honey and stir evenly using a spoon.

3 Step (2), stir the uniform blueberry, black vinegar, and the honey sequence poured into the spare fermentation container, then the mix is ​​uniform.

4 cover the lid of the fermentation container, then put it in the fermentation machine for 50 hours; the temperature is 50 degrees.

5 Step (4) After the blueberry vinegar fermentation was completed. (This is pre-setup in TWO, completed after the day.)

6 Step (5), the spare container is placed on the discharge, and then the blueberry flesh is filtered.

7 Step (6) After filtering, press the blueberry's steps. (This step of blueberry is not needed, naturally filtration, blueberry flesh is wet, the taste is better, and it is considered by personal preference.)

8 Filter the completed blueberry vinegar sauce; blueberry fadgar sauce. (This time, the blueberry flesh is too dry, then the next blueberry vinegar juice.)

9 Step (8) After filtering, pour in the spare container. (For the disinfection of the container "Cocolc's private food recipes - Homemade Pint mini tomato dry [series]"

10 finished graph.


Experience: 1: The way the fermentation is personalized, some people are placed in a cool place or a bread machine, yogurt fermentation machine ... Waiting, only low temperatures, it takes a long period of time to ferment. (The temperature is average temperature every day.) 2: Blueberry, black vinegar, honey ratio is 1 1 1, (personal joy weight, self-adding and subtraction).) 3: This black vinegar is no preservative Other black vinegar, fruit, sugar can be. (Individual preference, it can be considered yourself.)