"There is still a whipped cream of the HALF box after doing the egg tart, I don't know what to do, so I will be a cream egg stick, which is convenient. Eggbrin has done many times, the addition of cream is the first time, adding cream is indeed more than fragrant , Very milk fragrance, more delicious than before. I feel that I have just baked the delicious, I have a feeling of eating egg tarts, very slippery. I have eaten together. I said it is very delicious. My husband is very late. When I came back, I thought he didn't eat, I took him that, I just came back, then I blew me, blame me to eat, haha. "


Subject 2 eggs, 200ml of milk, candy flowers, excipient cream 120ml, fine sugar 15g, milk flavor, roasted process, three times time, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for cream egg pudding

1 Prepare the material.

2 milk is added to the sugar, cook until the sugar melts.

3 Add a light cream and mix well.

4 eggs are scattered into the container, and the milk is poured into the milk.

5 After taking fine, it is sieved.

6 poured into the bottle after the sieve, eight points.

7 Pour the hot water in the baking tray, 2 cm high, put it in a preheating oven, and 1,70 degrees will be around 35 minutes.

8 Add some candy to eat and eat, better taste.


1. Cummetose is cooked in a small boost to add milk. 2. The egg liquid must be sieved, so the pudding is more delicate. 3. Baked Pudding must heate the water, baked out the pudding very tender and smooth, the surface is very smooth.