INDUSTRY 4 pounds, bitter gourd 4 pounds, accessories rock sugar TWO catties Half, sweet taste, other processes, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for rock sugar bits

1 I bought four pounds of Yangmei four pounds of bitter gourd

2 bitter gourd and Yangmei have been cleaned, and bitter gourd is cut.

3 Fry the wok first, Yangmei, pay attention, no need to add, add 3 grams of salt, the small fire is difficult, plum juice will come out slowly

4 fifteen minutes, I have a lot of juice.

5 bitter gourd and stir fry uniform

6 points TWO times plus rock sugar, mainly too full, in fact, can knock a little bit, add Two pounds of Half's rock sugar

7 After adding rock sugar HALF, it is like this.

8 will slowly get juice for an hour, pay attention to more, to protect the sweetening bond

This is like this after 9 HALF hours

10TWO is complete!

11 I found that my photo technology has made a lot, haha

12 ten pounds of materials have installed TWO big cups, every time they don't eat enough ~~