"Pudding has always been my heart. If you have to take something, you can compare with ice cream. Moreover, the ice cream relative to the cholesterol alliance army, the heat of Pudding is lower, the mouth is also relatively refreshing, Q soft The elastic appearance is deeply awkward. This time I tried to do a lazy egg pudding with the Bingge Rui banana milk, the whole production process filled the sweetness of bananas, but the finished product not only the appearance of the banana. Smell, I can't help but praise for my own intelligence machine. Hahahaha, I like it can try it ~ "


Ingredients of Bin Rui Banana milk 1 bottle, excipient Geely powder, sugar powder mode, sunset yellow food color, chocolate sauce, taste taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Banana milk pudding practice steps

1 Take a container and poured into the Binggeri banana milk.

2 Sprinkle with sugar and gelatine powder, stir well.

3 dropped into the yellow pigment (about 1 ~ 2 drops)

4 Pour into the lazy egg mold and make the body of the body. Put the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

5 After the body is solidified, filled with the rest of the lazy egg with the remaining Bin Rui banana milk. (This part of the banana milk only needs to add Jile Ding powder, do not need to add piggy, because the base is white with the body area)

6 After refrigerating for 2 hours, remove the mold, lightly direct the edge portion with a silica gel blade, so that the air flows.

7 This Two silicone mold requires a slight soaking in hot water for 1 minute.

8 Subsequently, gently move the edge of the mold.

9 Reflex is demolded.

10 Use a toothpick to take a chocolate sauce to the lazy egg eggs.

11 Plus Side Dishes is very good.