"I have raised a dog at home because I was named by humanity, so I was named Pudding. Later, the dog left home, may be because the world is too exciting, and it is possible to be turned away by a stray dog. For this old Mom is sad. Mom has always said that Pudding is like two daughters, it is smooth, sensible and sweet. I think, may be because of the name of the name, I have been very love. Identity. The fragrant milk taste, the well-behaved appearance, always able to win a lot of people. "


Ingredients milk 120ml, light cream 120ml, Geely Ding powder 4g, excipient vanilla, sugar 16g, sweet taste, baking process, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Fresh milk pudding steps

1 Prepare materials

2 Geely Ding Powder Add to Cool Swipe

3 Pour milk, light cream, sugar, vanilla, mix well, heat

4 Pouring the declined gillyine solution Continue to stir even after pouring into the container

5 waiting for cooling and put it in the refrigerator, refrigerate 4 hours or so

6 Join your favorite fruit. Success.

7QQ bullet, delicious


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