"The rain is very poetic, everyone is warm discussing what to eat today. The old fish suddenly announced the window, please eat desserts, and then the office cheers. Only big fish silently walked to see the refrigerator, HALF I took out the milk that no one drink, and I bought QQ sugar to my daughter, turned into the kitchen. "


Master Wang Chi soft sugar, a bag of milk, 250ml, excipients, sauce, sweet taste, stew, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Four steps to make QQ sugar change Pudding practice

1 Out from QQ sugar and put it in a bowl.

2 Stir the heated QQ sugar with chopsticks until it is completely melted.

3 The melted QQ sugar is placed on one side to cool to room temperature.

4 Pour the milk into the melted QQ sugar, stir well.

5 Pour the mixed milk + QQ sugar liquid into the sealed tank, seal it for four hours.

6 Remove the pudding, open the cover, and add the strawberry sauce to add appropriately.


1, QQ sugar is heated to stir. 2, don't wait for QQ sugar to complete cooling, add milk, then QQ sugar has been solid, and it cannot be even uniform. 3, put it in the refrigerator, do not put it in the freezer.