"Extremely simple summer desserts small Pudding ~~~"


Significant pudding powder 40 grams, fruit amount (dotted), excipient water 220ml, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pudding steps

1 Prepare the ingredients and ready to be engraved with a mold in a silicone mold.

2 pockets in the 2 basins (I use the fragrant taste, you can choose other tastes with personal preferences)

3 Pour in boiling water.

4 Stir well.

5 Stay a little dry, the foam will decrease a lot.

6 Pour into the silicone mold.

7 into the refrigerator and refrigerated HALF hours.

8 Take out the demouldage, ordered the favorite fruit.

9 finished map ~~~

10 Slimed like a gel, lip and teeth 香 ~~~


Extremely simple lazy pudding production method, very convenient and fast, Pudding powder a treasure is sold, you can choose other tastes with personal preferences, this amount has been 4 pudding.