"I don't know if you haven't I don't know if you feel the hot summer. Anyway, I feel it, look at my little face is hot, ok, return to the topic, busy afternoon, a spoonful Crystal bright pudding, sweet alcohol is slipping in the tongue, is it feeling that even work is cute !! "


Main material pudding 75g, excipient water 450ml, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Summer cool mango pudding step

1 Pour the water into the melted pan, boil

2 Pour the pudding powder into the cup

3 pour the boiled hot water into the weight cup

4 thoroughly stir

5 In order to completely dissolve the pudding powder, you can put it in the melting pot heated for a while.

6 cool, pour the pudding into the pudding bottle

7 Cover the lid of the pudding bottle, decorate

8 Put the refrigerator to refrigerate HALF hours, then tell it.

9 can eat


Tips: 1. This step is a bag of pudding powder. Parents can also be made according to their own usage, the components follow the water: powder = 6: 12. Melting the best pudding can not immediately pour into the bottle, pudding bottle and Other glass products are the same, they can't be hot, especially in winter. Dear can use other pudding molds to make more loved shapes. 3. Rainbow colored pudding is poured into a color, and then poured into another color after cooling. Data collection comes from the network