"Blueberry Pudding is the summer of my favorite Desserts, so I will do it, I will do it!"


Main material pure milk 500g, fine sugar 50g, 4 eggs, blueberry sauce, sour taste, baking process, time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Blueberry pudding practice steps

1 Pour the fine sugar, pure milk into the milk pot, stir the heat while stirring to the sugar and then cleaves the heat.

2 Disperse the egg;

3 Pour the egg liquid into the cooling milk;

4 The mixed egg milk liquid will be sieved 3-4 times;

5 After the screen is filtered into the pudding bottle, do not install it;

The 6 baking disks are injected into hot water, more than a little better, and at least a Half pudding liquid;

7 Put in a preheated oven, 150 degrees in the lower layer to bake around 40 minutes;

8 Take out the pudding, and then put the blueberry sauce;

9 hot eat, it is good, cover the cover and put the refrigerator, I don't have a flavor.

10 finished product