"Lily contains nutrients such as starch, protein, calcium, phosphorus, with moistening lungs and cough, clear spleen dehumidification, complemention, clear and peace of mind. Pumpkin can be spleen and nostalgic, lily can benefit from God. Therefore, thisDessert can serve as a must-have of daily health. "


Main material pumpkin 1 small cut, lily 2, yellow rock sugar 30g, accessories for water, sweet taste, stewing process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Pumpkin stewed lily sugar water practice steps

1 prepared ingredients.

2 Pumpkin peeled blocks, lily, dried off the pet.

3 The right amount of water is added to the pumpkin.

4 small hot 10 minutes.

5 Add lily, rock sugar stew from about 5 minutes.

6 finished products.