"This formula is a method of cooking the chestnut cook in Japan, and has made some changes, such as changed the main food, change some ingredients."


Ingredients, gum, 150g, excipient white sugar 150g, yellow sugar tablets 30g, water 200g, 1 spoon of water wine, salt wine, sweet taste, boiled process, hour time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of cooking hawk beans

1 Eagle Mouth Bean Boap overnight, let the beans fully suck the water.

2 Put less water, then boil, turn off.Cold water is washed to the floating foam, replace it with new water, and then cook.Repeat 3 to 5 times until the beans did not have a floating cart.This approach can go to the beans astringent.

3 Beans are boiled, turn off the small fire, cook for 20 minutes.

4 All materials in the excipient, heat, let the sugar melt.

5 Add toilented beans, small fire, cook for 20 minutes.

6 Pour into the bowl.

7 Cover baking paper, refrigerated overnight.


This use is a manifold, but the method of cooking refers to the method of making sugar water.