"Early steamed sweet potato, thinking to do red sugar Sweet Ferment Rice sweet potato ball, cold day, a bowl of sugar is underwater, suddenly warmth, warm the body, first warm the stomach, do it, you are simple ingredients, keyIs the love for my family! "


The material is steamed with sweet potato, the amount of glutinous rice powder, the amount of brown sugar, Sweet Ferment Rice,


Pure water is appropriate, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, advanced difficulty,

Practice for brown sugar Sweet Ferment Rice sweet potato balls

1 ingredients, steamed sweet potatoes.

2 Steamed sweet potato hot press the mud, add Glutinous Rice powder.

3 mix well.

4 Click on the group.

5 Make a meatball, the size does not matter, it has been eaten (there is a big small only hand).

6 small pots Add pure water, boil, add sweet potato balls, add a brown sugar.

7 Sweet potato meatballs are boiled and add Sweet Ferment Rice, cook again (Sweet Ferment Rice should not boil, more acid).

8 finished products, warm heart taste!