"Winter time, you can give yourself a bowl of warm and heart eggs.


The main material is about 8 or so, 2 eggs, 3 excipients, red dates,


2-3 spoon of brown sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps of 溏心

1 Pee the longan and the kelps, red dates, simply clean the dust, put the longan meat and red dates into the pot, add 1-2 bowls of water to boil, boil, and then wait A few minutes, the longan red jujube in the pot is turned into bronger, add brown sugar.

2 In the pot into a complete egg, the medium and small fire will be cooked for 1-2 minutes to the fixed shape and then remove it (in order to prevent the adhesive to gently use the egg with a spoon, the amplitude can not be too large, prevent stirring . I prefer the taste of the egg, so the time is controlled in about 1 minute, I like to prolong the time for a little time.

3 After the fire, you can enjoy the red dating of the red jujube round soup.