"Suitable for female friends, winter weather is cold, the appetite is open, it is easy to grow more than other seasons, the weight is not easy, no food, a bowl of apple Wolfberry red dates soup, qi blood, reduce the fat, beauty, beauty, It is very simple to do, you can do this afternoon tea, meal fruit soup. "


Main material Apple, 6 red dates, accessories Wolfberry5g, sour taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Apple Wolfberry Red Date Soups Practice Steps

1 Apple, red jujube, Wolfberry5 gram.

2 Apple is cleaned and cut.

Add water in the 3 pot, put the apple, wolfberry, and put it into the pot into the pot.

4 After boiling, cook a small fire for 10 minutes.

5 The taste is sweet, solve the greasy, and it also removes the scale.

6 Apple Wolfberry Red Date Tea, simple practice, a scraper soup that is very suitable for weight loss people.


1. Apple red dates Wolfberry soup can help reduce the fat, but can not be used as a dinner staple, and do not eat big fish, eucalyptus, drink, and no effect, no effect. 2. Red dates do not have fried, red dates, and apples can be used to eat spleen and stomach, and the effect is different.