"Take a day an apple, don't worry about the doctor. Can be born Apple to eat the belly, I always feel that the digestion is not good, maybe the cause of the stomach, so the apple is heated, but it has made the canned fruit can, add otherFruit, sweet and sour, stomach is also comfortable. "


Significant Apple, 6 of the silicone orange, 6 red dates, 850g of the water, 1G, sugar 25g, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Apple orange practice steps

1 Ingredients: Apple, Sandychamium, Jujube, sugar.

2 Apple peeled, cut the block.

3 orange peel, scattered.

Add water in the 4 pot, add apple, orange.

5 Add red dates to boil the water.

6 Add salt.

7 Add white sugar, stir it.

8 small fire is cooked for 5 minutes to turn off the fire.

9 Apple soft, sweet orange, fruit fragrance and jujube, after drying, put it into a sealed can, you can eat it when you want to eat.


The amount of sugar is added according to its own taste.It can also be replaced with other fruits.