Mainly dry lotus seed 40g, dried lily 10g, dry silver ear HALF, red dates, Wolfberry15 grains, dumplings 6 capsules (can not put), accessories, rock sugar, 2 tablets, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hoursSimple difficulty,

Practice for silver ear lotus lily

1 lotus seeds go to the core, all dry goods are soaked for 1 hour.

2 rock sugar, 2 red jujube cut into small pieces, Wolfberry is appropriate.

3 Soak a good lotus seed, add water, TWO film, open fire.

4 fire cooked.

5 Cook for 10 minutes after boiling.

6 Add a good lily.

7 cover the pot cover, boil and boil for 5 minutes after boiling.

8 Add toy, rock sugar, red dates, Wolfberry.

9 cover the pot, boil, cook for 8 minutes, add a dumplings (if there is no dumplings can not add).

10 cooked for 5 minutes in the fire, and the soup is soft and floated.

11 turns fire, simmer for 5 minutes.

12 autumn and winter season, come to a bowl of warm stomach silver lians lily sugar water, life is beautiful.