"Eating the season of the hint melon is here! Today, you will make Judy children, my photography, make a cantaloupe sand ice to solve the summer."


1. 1000 grams of cantaloupe, 20 grams of esciscate follic acid powder, taste taste, squeezing process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice for cantaloupe sand ice

1 The materials that need to be prepared are simple: cantaloupe, folickolaum powder.

2 First clean the surface of the cantaloupe, then cut, dig out the seeds of cantaloupe!

3 small judy is very careful, put the cantaloupe seeds into a small dish!

4 and then cut the cantaloupe, see that she makes the knife sometimes I want to scream, but as long as she hobbies, I will support her unconditionally, and I will care about her!

5 and then cut the cantaloupe into small pieces! The size of the block is to be controlled in the juice machine!

6 This is the chopped Harnes melon! spare!

7 Open the juice machine and put the Hami melon into the original machine!

8 We didn't do so much, only cut Half cantaloupe, expect to eat a ball every person! Put the cantaloupe juice in the juice machine into the frozen box!

9 Next, we will join follic acid powder, add foliary powder in Sand, it may be quite strange for the Chinese, in fact, in Europe and the United States, add folicular powder in ice cream, sand ice, and ice cream, no secret! And the high-end ice cream is almost all, not only for better taste, more mainly is healthy. Cylindrome powder can help the human body to regulate the intestinal flora, so that there is a rapid breeding, the effect of detoxification is very good, so many European doctors will recommend giving a serious constipation and people who need to lose weight (not many domestic doctors Drugs in addition to folica powder is that it can help diabetics stabilize blood sugar and control complications, and have long-term use of folic acid powder in Europe and the United States! And the EU and the US FDA suggest that people can take a certain amount of folickid powder every day.

10 Then cover the cover, the refrigerator is frozen, and it can be stirred at each HALF hour until it is basically freezed. If your family has a snow mud, it is better, so you can make a lot!


Don't put sugar, it is very sweet, and follic acid powder is also slightly, so a little sugar is not available!