"Summer: Colorful all kinds of ice, ice cream should be the most popular, especially this year's continuous heat, the sales of various cold drink counters in the market are more" 嗖嗖 ", but for us to love food Mothers, if you want to make our money, it is not so easy; because we will be DIY at home, and the material is fresh, the environment is hygienic, the key is 0 additives, eat it, eat it ~~~ "


Main】 35 grams of white sugar, 100 grams of pure milk, 150 grams of light cream, iforma strawberry sauce200 grams, milk flavor, frozen process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for strawberry sauce ice cream

1 Preparation of ingredients

2 White sugar, milk pour into the basin and stir into the sugar melting

3 pour the strawberry sauce

4 with a wiper to a thick

5 Pour the light cream into another bowl

6 cushion ice to hit the pattern

7 divided into milk strawberry sauce

8 same shaving knife

9 finally poured into the clean mold

10 sent to refrigerator freezing

11 Take out the mold insert disk before you eat

12 Shasha's taste is very sweet and delicious


1, the amount of sugar is based on the taste of each human taste, because the strawberry sauce is very sweet, so there is less sugar in this formula, but the finished product is still sweet.