"In fact, it is very testing of the motor and cutters of the wall. There are many concerns before starting ice, worrying that hard ice cubes are damaged, worried that the cup will be shaved. Hold After the mood finished the ice, I hurriedly opened the cup cover. I saw the hidden heart. The machine was finally put down. The machine is intact, the effect is too much better than expected. After the whole summer, the whole summer will be contracted to Han Meichi. "


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Fruit shaved practice steps

1 Preparation of all ingredients, pure water is put into the refrigerator into ice, and prepare the appropriate amount of homemade strawberry sauce, appropriate amount of strawberries and a mango.

2 Reproduction of the mango to the skin, and the strawberry is cleared, and the strawberry sauce is refrigerated in advance.

3 Put the ice into the Hanmei Broken Wall.

4 Turn on the power and select the third shaved ice function.

At the end of the 560 seconds, open the cup cover, the ice is all uniform small ice beads, no melting.

6 Put the chopped fruit into the cup, do a good job in the cup, the shavings are clear, the size is uniform, and it is perfect.

7 Top-sweet strawberry sauce can be eaten, the taste is different from the sheame, chewing crunchy, sweet, cool ice cream is really energetic!