"According to the fruity auto ice, innovative new products, add fruit flavor on the basis of the original ice milk to meet the needs of different people."


Main material pure milk 1 box, ice cubes appropriate amount, excipients 10 ml, strawberry sauce, fruity taste, seasoning process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of strawberry ice milk

1 Prepare whole fat pure milk.

2 light milk (can be used in replacement).

3 in the 460ml cup of the strawberry sauce.

4 add ice to three quarters.

5 plus 10ml odorous milk (can be used with three spoon of oil-making spoon), plus milk to 450ml.

6 is equipped with stir bar and straw.

7 is mixed while drinking.


1. This diet is based on the original ice cream, as as suicews instead of honey, there is sweet and fruit.2.10ml Oil milk can be replaced by a refinement milk.3. Refine milk is prostate, please see the recipes of the original ice milk.4. Strawberry sauce can be changed to other fresh fruits.