"The weather is getting hotter, the children have long wanted to eat ice cream, share the original red heart dragon ice cream, the ingredients are very simple, the practice is super simple, very delicate, not easy to get rose, suitable for the baby to eat, Bao mothers have learned! "


Main material red heart dragon fruit 1, milk 1 box, excipient refinement milk 80g, sugar 50g, sweet taste, other processes, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps of red heart floral fruit ice cream

1 Preparation of materials, red heart floral peel.

2 dragon fruit cut.

3 milk is added to the milk, and the white sugar is stirred evenly.

4 Add a dragon fruit.

5 Use the eggbeater to stir well, after the refrigerator is freeze an hour, take out again to stir again for about 3 minutes, this is carried out 2 times, continue to frozen, I have a big amount, I can't finish it, I can take it with it. .

6 Take out the refrigerated room for 20 minutes.

7 Use the excavator to put the ice cream into the cup, OK! To hurry, it will be evil, because there is no additive, it is especially easy, the weather can do more, the children can eat the original ice cream, the safety bought Health.


In this way, the original ice cream gives the children to eat, eat healthy, ingredients is not so strict, like food materials can be added, can not be too sweet, I is cool.