Three eggs, 250ml, light cream 40g, low powder 100g, tube tea powder 10g, excipient white sugar 50g, sweet taste, baking process, hour time consumption, advanced difficulty,

Practice steps on tangible towel roll

1 Prepare the above materials.

2 Eggs are uniform and mixed.

3 Add a white sugar and mix well.

4 Add milk mix well.

5 Add a low-gluten flour and mix well.

6 is sieved, remove small particles, make the batter.

7 Add a tea powder and mix well.

8 After again, the toner powder is fully integrated with the batter.

9 pan and fried face skin for use.

104 face skin stacked, wipe the hair of the cream, can put the right amount of red beans, good volume.

11 packs of plastic wraps in the refrigerator and add HALF.

12 Surface sprinkle with tea powder decoration.