"Novice does not turn over, free to send ultra-fast Oreo seating! Sweet Sliding with Olio's grain! Ice is cool! 200g milk cheese is used up, no waste! Mold is 15 * 15 of the square, a plate is just right, silk is not sweet! Be sure to eat it, eat it again, the cold mouth is not to be missed! "


Ingredients, 32 grams of butter, 32 grams of butter, 200 grams of cream cheese, 32 grams of fine sugar, one of the mean eggs, 80 grams of light cream, 12 grams of lemon juice, corn starch, 9 pieces , Sour taste, baking process, hourly time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps of Oliuro sesame

1 Prepare materials, first make yogurt. Light cream + lemon juice is mixed, covered with fresh film. Half hour.

2 Oreo biscuits are slightly smashed into the fresh bag, and the butter insulation is melted into liquid. The TWO is mixed mix. Square discs are in oil paper, mix the biscuits into the pressure of the pressure.

3 room temperature softened cream cheese, plus granulated sugar, whitening smoothly with left and right hot water over 50 degrees.

4 Paste 1 room temperature egg, stir evenly.

5 The frozen oil in the refrigerated oil was taken in 2 minutes, poured into the step 4.

6 Slip smooth and sieve corn starch. The shape is mixed. If there is a particle, it can be sieved.

7 Pour into the baking tray in which the cake is pressed.

8 shake, put on the Oreo biscuits. If you bought a sandwich, remove the sandwich.

9 Put it in a preheated oven to bias at the middle of the overspeed, baked for 40 minutes, and go to the oabout for 20 minutes.

10 Take it cool, the seal is transferred to the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

11 When you want to eat, it is demolded, the sawtooth knife is cut! Ice is cool, silk is not sweet!


Note: 1. When roasting, you should fine tune according to your own oven! 2, sieved, not necessary, vaguerant state. 3, there is no Olyce, you can use the Orio biscuits.