"But it seems that it is not cold, but it is hot, this is absolutely refining."


The main material is a cup of yogurt, the accessories Dragon fruit HALF, sweet taste, other crafts, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of dragon fruit sour milk bowl

1 is washed with a small fire, cut HALF.

2 Sutting the TWO knife in the middle of the Half circle, into a cross shape, become like this.

3 Like I cut along the line, the pulp and skin separated along the line.

4 Pour the yogurt into the bowl, insert a toothpick, and the dragon is cut into small pieces, add yogurt.

5 toothpick, stir with straw, so yogurt, drink with straw, and eat dragon fruit.

6 I have been eating.

7 color is very fresh?Reality is better than the photo, I think it tastes very good.


When you cut the dragon fruit, pay attention to the knife not to cut your fingers.