"I bought the mango results online, I can only use the other fruit in the home to make a cake."


Cake Embryo Cake 1 piece, pomegranate cheese 50g, cream cheese 200g, cream cheese 200g, Geely Ding 5g, cream 120g, a few drops of lemon juice, grape 15, fruit sandwich stone juice 130g, grape 5, Geely Ding 3g, decorative honeydew ball 8, pomegranate mode, mango mode, sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Pomegranate cheese cake practice steps

1200g of pomegranate plus 40g white sugar, and heated.

2 There is almost the melting of white sand sugar, then add a few drops of lemon juice.

3 Cook for 5 minutes, after softening, extruded the juice.

4 Take 200g pomegranate juice, do a fruit filling.

5 Filter the pomegranate juice.

65g Geely Dingfo cold water.

7 pomegranate juice is hot, then turn it immediately, add soft gender.

8 Add a peeled grape, put it in the bottom package of the masculus circle, the refrigerator is frozen for more than an hour, the sandwich mousse is smaller.

9 cream cheese 40g white sugar, microwave oven 30 seconds to melt.

10 Pomegranate syrup is mixed well.

11 I feel that the color is not beautiful enough to add a few different natural red pigments.

12 poured into 5g gillyine.

13120g cream happened because the 6 distribution can be, the cream is not much, I've been playing directly. Anjia's cream is very easy to send.

14 cream is added to Mems, stir evenly.

15 mousse circles, no surroundings can also be not placed, demolding with a hot towel or heating. Place a layer of cake embryo, add a layer of mousse, 170g.

16 Put the grape and make the grape in the mousse paste with chopsticks.

Shaking mousse paste 17, a rear surface smooth, refrigerator, freezer for 20 minutes. It can also be frozen, but frozen is too slow, I basically frozen.

Good frozen sandwich 18, the bottom of the plastic wrap removed, Ru Musi put in gently scraped with a small spatula.

19 stripping.

20 Pour the remaining mousse paste, then add the remaining mousse paste, the same grapes put in, shaking smooth mousse paste in the refrigerator.

21 mousse decorated after solidification, can fruits, you can also use whipped cream piping, this step will play to their imagination it.


1, I finished was also added a layer of chiffon cake, because it has left more than a cake not want to waste. If you want to add a layer to be in that layer of the sandwich, put less mousse, about 150g can. Then mousse recipe adjustments, adjusted to the cream cheese 250g, cream adjusted to 200g, gelatin 7.5g. In this way, every time down the mousse paste is 170g, 150g, 250g. 2, is a 5 inch circle mousse.