"The weather in Chongqing has become sured in the past few days. The front TWO day Moon Cake air conditioner is open. Today, there is no sun without hot, and the results did not let me disappoint or have ever, is it like ever, hot? ? Then I will do something cool and eat. "


Main material Simi 50g, milk 250ml, QQ sugar 80g, accessories Geely Ding 5g, sweet flavor, freezing process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Milk Siima Practice Steps

1 Western Mi is placed in a cool water pot, open the fire to boil to Simi to float, turn to the fire, continue to cook the middle, the small white point does not turn to the fire 10 minutes, pour it into the cold water that can be directly drinked. 10 minutes to get ready.

2 Strawberry flavor and blueberry flavor QQ sugar separately by 50 grams of water, then add a foaming Geely, stir evenly to completely melting, and then pour 100 grams of cool water and mix (otherwise is too sweet).

3 Tilt the cup, below the towel folded back, poured into the fridge refrigerated after the glycogen in the bottom of the cup.

4 This is the case after the refrigeration is good.

5 Tilt the direction and pour the blueberry flavor water to the refrigerator and refrigerated to complete solidification.

6 The cup after solidification is placed in advance.

7 Pour to the milk into a small red flower decoration, a delicious Ximik is doing it.


Cutout: Boiled Simi must be cold water first tomorrow to open fire, stir while stirring, so as to avoid the West, all floats can not be stirred.