"There are also 19 days in the blink of an eye. Mid-Autumn Festival ~ Mid-Autumn Moon Cake is an essential dessert, and the fables eat a group of people round, but many people have tired of traditional Moon Cake, feel too sweet, don't want to eat, So today, we will learn a new pattern of Moon Cake, low-card low-fat high-color ice ice cool ice skin Moon Cake! Although I also learned to do it, I have a lot of skills, so I share it with everyone. Learn each other. If the text step is a bit more patient, it is very detailed in some experience and skills I have learned! "


Isolated ice skin powder 1 pack, excipient purple potato, sweet potato, butterfly Tofu Pudding10, lemon 1 piece,


The right amount of refining milk, 10g of white sugar, sweet taste, steam process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for ice cool moon cake

1 Prepare the ice skin powder to do Moon Cake skin. Then prepare purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, white sugar, refining milk, do Moon Cake filling (here you can like other things according to the other, like pumpkin, yam, fragrance, etc.). Also prepare the butfu pudding, lemon, Moon Cake color. (If you feel troublesome, you can do it directly to do it directly.

2 Let's prepare Moon Cake filling, put the purple potato, sweet potato peeling onto a pan steam 15-20 minutes (try to do a little less and save time).

3 Steamed purple potato, sweet potato time to prepare Moon Cake skin, prepare three bowls to add 60g ice skin powder, and then prepare the Two bowl to put into the appropriate butterfly Tofu Pudding, and another lemon color color spare.

4 Start to get Moon Cake skin, water and ice skin powder is 1: 1, remember that water must be 100 degrees ° ° to heat the ice skin. At the beginning, I was too hot with chopsticks and mixed evenly then wonderfully to go to soft Moon Cake skin.

5 Place the three colors to smooth.

6 ice months, now tonify the steamed purple potato stuffing, add appropriate refining milk and white sugar, even if it is too dry to add a proper milk (don't like too sweet, you can put less Potting milk and white sugar, because the peony potato itself is a bit sweet).

7 will be smashed with purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, the ball is ready, the ball does not need too much, according to your Moon Cake mold, I can compare it, I am very big at this beginning, and I will get a little bit. , Because the Moon Cake mold can't be pressed.

8 After preparing the filling, you will justify the soft ice skin after the growth of the growth strip, (a cooked powder, when you buy a flying powder, there is a package, the cooked powder is cooked. Glutinous Rice powder, you can eat directly) a small piece of small piece.

9 then rush into a circle every piece of ice, don't use the tool to screw it. If you feel too sticky, you can get a little powder on the ice skin and then turn him down. Otherwise, the stuff is easy to leak out when the thin thickness is low.

10 Put the purple potato stuffing or sweet potato, you can also get up on the purple potato and sweet potato, so it is better.

11 After the round round, you can roll a ripe powder so that you will not stick the mold.

12 Finally, use the Moon Cake mold to be configured. I started to do the first thing, I didn't brush oil, then Moon Cake was sticking to the mold, and then I did a second to brush it. I suddenly dropped it ~) The first pressure is a little hand, more pressing a few times. Skilled, it is recommended that the last flying moon cake is placed in the refrigerator. Ice cold is very comfortable, sweet is not greasy, super delicious!

13 I did a purple potato stuffing, sweet potato stuffing and purple potato, but I cut it seriously, my fill is too dry, so I suggest that you feel too dry when you make a fill. Putting a little milk until there is no granules, so that the stuffed stuffing is better.

14 Then you can like the different shapes according to your individual, so Moon Cake seems to be more and more appetite.

15 I am also the first Moon Cake, so I learned a lot of skills and methods I have written above the tutorial! There are still some uncomfortable places, please exchange learning.

16 is good ~ Today's food tutorials are shared here ~ I am a romantic sister of Chaoshan 97, this is my personal food practice, don't like to spray, wounded in the June cold, a good words, three winter warm, if you have What good food practice is welcome to learn from each other, thank you for your support and recognition, if you like it, you can pay attention to me. If you are fine, I will continue to update the simple home. I will share with you.