"The cream cake is I can't resist, I feel that I don't eat it in a few days. I have a good thing in life. I have a good mood for a day. The small friends usually do small cakes can be used to make it. The baked time is relatively long. Today I use the cake volume to make, very simple, the focus is the baking time, the time is too short. It is very fast, let's take a look at the practice. "


50 grams of eggs, low-gluten flour, 50 grams of fine sugar, 50 grams of corn oil, 65 grams of milk, 50 grams of surface decoration, 4 grams of sugar powder, 1 Jiali Golden fruit, sweet taste, roast Process, time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

How to make the fastest practices for fruit cream cakes

1 Prepare the materials you want to use. The corn oil and milk were stirred to emulsify.

2 Side in low-gluten flour with manual eggbeater "Z" glyph mixing well.

3 Add egg yolk to draw "Z" glyph and mix well.

4 protein plus a few drops of white vinegar, adding fine sugar in three times to the big curved hook.

5 Take one-third of the protein paste to the egg yolk paste is mixed.

6 is mixed with the remaining quarter protein paste.

7 poured the cake into a 12-inch baking tray, and the air was shocked.

8 Oven 180 degrees preheated after 10 minutes, put it in the oven for about 165 degrees for about 22 minutes.

9 is released and cool.

10 A few minutes rolled up (here you can have creamhas), then cut into pieces that require size.

11 Light cream plus sugar powder hit 6 distribution, leaching on the cake.

12 The surface can be decorated in the water you like.


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