Significant eggs, 5 grams of cocoa powder, 50 grams of corn oil, 75 grams of milk, 60 grams of white sugar, 75 grams of milk, 75 grams of milk, 8.


3 grams of cream cheese (sandwich and top decoration), 20 grams of white sugar, 30 grams of whipped cream, sweet flavor, baking process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Cheese sandwich paper cupcake practice steps

1 Place the corn oil into the microwave oven for one minute, then add cocoa powder stir evenly.

2 After adding milk to stir the emulsification, mix egg yolk mix evenly.

3 Side in low powder Z word mix well.

Lemon juice was added to the 4 protein, and the white sugar was added to the short hook at 3 times.

5 Take a part of the protein to the cocoa, mix well.

6 Reverse it to the protein, mix well.

7 Put the batter into the silk flower bag, squeezed into a 12-dimensional cake mold with a paper cup.

8 This time, the beauty of "first see" oven, through the beautiful beauty APP preheat the oven, temperature 140 degrees, time 35-40 minutes.

9 Oven preheating ends will be tone, put the mold into the middle layer of the oven for baking.

After the baking is over, it is natural to boost.

11 With the big head of the mouth, press a hole in the middle of the cake, then squeeze into the fill.

12 Here, he focuses on the filling, in order to distinguish the taste of the filling and the top state, the filling part only adds the softened cheese to the white sugar, after squeezing the filling, add the odorous cream to send, used for Top decoration.