"Strawberry rich carotene and vitamin A can relieve night blindness, with healthy epithelial tissue health, graphic to promote liver, promote growth and development. The rich dietary fiber can promote the peristalsis of gastrointestinal tract, promoteFood digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, improve constipation, prevent acne, intestinal cancer, "


Significant cranberry juice 100ml, 10 strawberries, accessories of rock sugar, sour taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pathfinder steps

1 Prepare all ingredients

2 Strawberry washed with nip, add cranberry juice and rock sugar

3 Select the fruit and vegetable juice key to run, pour it into the abrasive

4 put it into the refrigerator and take it out after forming


1. Pour into the mold, can stir or vibrate a few times, extrud out the bubbles in the juice 2, low temperature affect the sensitivity of the taste, and add some rock sugar.