"Swiss rolls have always been a must-have Desserts, which is exquisite afternoon, and the red velvet Swiss roll is the queen of temperament and color value in the cake roll. The first eye saw she was attracted by her stunning color. And silky The protein frost and the soft red silk cake make people addicted, it is fascinated. The process of making it is simple, the taste is delicate, and people have no resistance to her noble red appearance, soft sweet taste. Above. The machine is used by the French steam box. The upper and lower independent temperature control, the built-in temperature temperature can monitor the temperature in the cavity in real time, and the temperature field is more smooth. You must try it ~ "


80 grams of egg yolk, 160 grams of egg white, 75 grams of fine sugar, 90 grams of low-gluten flour, 85 grams of corn oil, 20 grams of milk, 20 grams of water, 5 grams of water, mango, light cream 180 grams, fine sugar (Cream) 18 grams, 4 drops of lemon juice, sweet vegetables, sweet taste, baking process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice step of red silk velvet cyclone cake

1 corn oil and milk are mixed with manual eggs.

2 Low powder is sieved into the milk mixture.

3 Manual egg beater transverse to mix well.

4 黄, the protein is put into the refrigerator freeze.

5 Mix to a smooth egg yolk paste.

The 6 egg white was dripped into the lemon juice, and the fine sugar was added to the egg white in three times, and sent to 80% (small hook).

7 Take one-third of the protein and egg yolk, mix well.

8 The mixed cake is poured into the remaining protein, and the same method is mixed well.

9 The last cake is delicate and has no obvious bubbles.

The 1028x28 square baking tray is a thin layer of corn oil, poured into a Half's cake, and slightly went to bubble.

11 Red and water and water are mixed, add to the remaining cake paste.

12 Use the scraper to mix a few times.

13 Put into the silk flower bag.

14 Evenly squeezing into the original cake, full of oven.

15 Prepare a fine chopstick, start painting from the corner of the baking tray.

16 Press the pattern of the pattern to take a good line.

17 steaming oven set up the fire function, preheating 160 degrees, and the lower under the fire is 28 minutes.

18 Break a little bit.

19 Covering the oil paper is buckled out, covering the baking disc.

20 奶 油 加细 sugar is sent to the state of the flowers, evenly erased on the surface of the cake, and put it on the small square.

21 With a rolling pin, the cake is roll, the refrigerator is cold.