"Recently, this cake seems to be very fire, I also try to try it with the wind."


Sheng Coconar Tria, Basque Cream Cheese 250g, fine sugar 65g, egg 2, light cream 180ml, coffee powder 5 grams, water 20ml, concentrate milk 30g, thick coconut cheese oil 100ml, 20 grams of sugar, concentrate 30g , Cream cheese 100g, Geely Ding 5g,


Cocoa powder, a little coconut, sweet taste, roasted process, time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Missatolate Practice Steps

1 Coffee powder is used to use boiled water.

2 cream cheese and fine sugar are placed in the basin, the water is separated, and stir evenly.

3 Add eggs to stir well.

4 Add a coffee and thick mad mix well.

5 Add a whisket to stir well.

6 Pour into the mold, put in a preheated oven, get angry 180 degrees, down on 220 degrees, middle layer, bake for about 15 minutes, and then cooled.

7 Coconut cheese practice: Geely Ding is soft with cold water.

8 thick coconut milk and bubbles.

9 Add Geely Dink to stir well.

10 cream cheese and fine sand sugar water softened, stir evenly.

11 Add a light cream to stir evenly.

12 Add a thick coconut slurry and a gillyine mixture, stir evenly.

13 Pour on the Cooling Basque Cake and put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

14 Remove the cake, sieve the surface, and sprinkle a small coconut.


I use coconut milk, belonging to concentrate pulp, I only have coconut milk and water in the ingredients, so it is recommended to heat consumption when making a thick coconut cheese. Don't use the kind of coconut milk that adds karawak, it tastes too light. It is also possible to use thick coconut milk, which is more convenient, but there are additives. The baking time is appropriately adjusted according to your oven.