"The weather is getting hot, I will go home in the big sun. I only want to cool down. I have a ice cubes made with yogurt and fruit mud, so that you will come to the foot from the head."


Main material mango, 250 grams of yogurt, 1 large spoon of excipient honey, sweet taste, other crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Mango yogurt pattern

1 mango peeled, went to the nucleus

2 Install an ACA cooking rod

3 mix into a snorker

4 Homemade thick yogurt to add honey and mix well

5 put the yogurt and mango mud into the silica gel in the style of your favorite style (can be a Half yogurt, a Half mango, can also be complete yogurt and mango mud)

6 can be in various shapes, then add the refrigerator freezer freezing to completely form

7 is it very cool?


You can use a variety of fruits.