The main material is light cream 200g, crash, 1 drop of flavor, 30g (protein), 4 eggs, esciscastribas, fruit, sweet taste, mixing process, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Haagen-Dazs ice cream practice steps

1 egg yolin isolated. Containers must have no waterless water

2 egg yolk plus 10 grams of sugar is mixed with eggbeater. spare

3 protein plus 30 grams of sugar to hit hard foam

4 When you play, you can add a fragrant villion.

5 protein happens. Hit a refrigerator and reserved

6 and then. Cream uses eggbeater to 8.9

7 The good cream is mixed with egg yellow paste in three times! Every time you have mixed! Can't be lazy!

8 mixed state after mixing

9 and then adding a refinement in three times, it is also a completed completion again!

10 last step add protein! Also mix well in three times!

11 is mixed, you can join your favorite dried fruit Olio and so on! If it is fresh fruit to refrigerate the HALF, add it!

12 Pour the ice cream into the container into the refrigerator freezer to freeze 5 hours, you can eat!

13 can be taken out in the middle of the trip. I'm lazy. Not hit


15 can also eat water

16 eat

17 finished product viewing

18 finished product

19 finished goods

20 finished product viewing


The original formula is 140 grams, I personally don't eat sweet. So use 100 grams! Just right, my taste!