"Shanghai's spring is always going to hurry, it is too long. The ear is still ringing the sound of spring blossoms, but the air is filled with summer taste. And the breath of the summer is in the room, and you can also on the table.Let a bowl of pineapple ice cream color to bring you the savory of summer! "


Subject to a pineapple, a accessory banana, an apple, a cucumber Half root, cranberry a small, a ice cream ball, a sweet taste, mixing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pineapple ice cream practice steps

1 pineapple a banana, a cucumber, a cucumber, Half, the villager, a small, ice cream, one

2 All fruit, vegetable modifier cut into a size uniform.

3 Fruit Danli dry water, mix the sweetness of the sweet laurel, sauce (add sack sauce is a personal preference, ice cream ball can also be replaced by color sauce).

4 Finally, the cranberry is dry, sweet and sweet, sweet, sweet, ice cream, color.