"Food color, natural ingredients color, the color of the red meat dragon fruit is my favorite. Love that places a faint purple, so beautiful, then romance ....... See The theme of this event, I think of it first, just that the TWO is gone, yesterday, I also bought the dragon fruit. I came back to do this fire dragon fruit mousse, and made a cup of a cup with anBalexy Mold. After that, put on this lavender Mousse Cup, not only the color is no longer monotonous, but the flavor of the oil fruit and the taste and Mousse are also very tone. "


Ingredients red dragon fruit meat 200g, pure milk 90g, light cream 100g, white sugar 8g, accessories honey 20g, Geely Ding tablets, taste taste, baking process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for fire dragon fruit mousse ice cream cup

1 Geely Ding film is soft in front of the ice water, and must use ice water, otherwise the Geely Ding film will melt, affect the solidification effect.

2 milk boiled switch fire, put into soft gelatine tablets.

3 Stir until gillyan mean.

4 Add honey to taste, you can also use sugar, I like honey, healthier.

5 red meat fire dragon flesh is stirred into a paste.

6 Pour into the milk and mix well.

7 light cream plus sugar.

8 Stir in the eggbeater until the flow state.

9 Pour the mixed dragon sauce milk into the whipped cream.

10 Use the mixed method to mix well.

11 Pour into the mold in the refrigerator for about 3 hours. This quantity uses my mold to do 3 mousse. In addition, I did a dragon fruit ice without a cheeper cream, and the Two was pea mous, and it was frozen.

12 is freezing and demolding, putting it on the inside, but the ice cream can also be used to see yourself with other ice cream.

13 After forgetting to take a release, this is not cheeby cream, I also put some ice cream in the hollow part, but you can also see the point-in-style, use it to explain it.


Gilly Ding tablets have 5 grams per piece, and the gratich of about 200 grams of liquid. If you buy 2.5 grams of Geely Dirty, it is necessary to double, or it can also be equipped with an equal amount of Geely.