"The cake cup made with Baoemorm mold, add delicious Oreo ice cream, delicious cool and heat. This kind of cake ice cream cup is still fun, from the container to content, you can eat, children They see must be very happy. The material is the ingredients of the cakes are the ingredients of ice cream. "


Main material low-gluten flour 80g, butter 30g, milk 55g, cocoa powder 20g, granulated sugar 100g, egg 3, excipient egg yolk, 40g of sugar, water 15g, light cream 125g, Olio biscuit, smell, sweet taste, Grilled crafts, hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps of Olio ice cream cake cup

1 First make ice cream, 2 egg yolk separation, stir into white expansion

215 g of water plus 40 g of sugar is heated to 110 degrees, (with thermometer or observing the glycoside, the air bubble is turned into a small bubble), a little bit of the hot sugar is added to the egg yolk, while the stirring is added. A little amount must be added each time, keep stirring, so as not to affect the egg yolk pellets to affect the ice cream

3 Light cream, add the egg yolk, mix well

4 Join the right amount of Olio Cookies

5 mix, put it into the refrigerator for more than 4 hours

6 production of cake, 3 protein and egg yolk separation

7 butter plus milk is placed in a microwave over 30 seconds to stir until melt-free particles, add cocoa 20g complete and butter milk mixed uniform

8 protein is added 3 times to add silicon to hit the wet foamed (eggbeater lifts a pointed corner)

9 Add egg yolk to continue mixing evenly

10 screening into the bottom of the flour and mix evenly

11 Add to make a steam mix evenly,

12 Nautumei Mold Cold Metal butter with silk flower bags into the mold

139, you can, on the desktop, a few down the mold shocking big bubbles

14 oven 180 degrees preheating, medium baking

15 Reflex to cool after cooling on the grill

16 completely dry the cool cake center to install ice cream, decorate


1. Ice cream can make your favorite taste 2 according to the formula. 2. Make a little butter, which will be more convenient to demold 3. Do a good ice cream cake cup can be frozen. When you eat, take out the room and slightly softened.