"In the summer, it is a good time to eat ice cream. If you want to eat ice cream again? Don't be afraid! Teach you to eat healthy and lose weight, ice cream. Not difficult, rich milk and fresh juice Take a flavor ~ come and try it. "


Substant eggs 2, Barley, Yuli, 6g, milk is appropriate, light cream, excipient white sugar, milk flavor, other processes, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Self-made juice ice cream practice steps

1 egg white egg yolk separation, put egg yolk, white sugar, add milk to stir well

2 Put the mixed egg liquid to the small fire, just drink it, don't boil it.

3 pour egg milk, add juice to stir into a paste

4 Put the light cream, egg white, the state of the whipped cream, feels almost concentration with brunette

5 juicy egg liquid poured into the valented whipped cream, stir evenly and put it in the refrigerator

6 After freezing, delicious green juice cream is gone!


1 Frozen