"In this hot summer, you can't eat a few ice cream, yogurt blueberry ice cream, worthy of refreshing, home baby recently eaten this"


18 grams of light cream, 100 grams of thick yogurt, 70 grams of blueberry, 30 grams of excipient fine sugar, taste, other processes, hours, god-level difficulty,

Practice of yogurt blueberry ice cream

1 Prepare all the materials, and whipped cream must be refrigerated in advance

2 Blueberry is washed, break it with the cooking machine, don't be too thin, you have to have meat

3 light cream pour into the egg pot, add all fine sugar

4 Use electric egg to get low speed, send to 7 achievements,

5 Pour your yogurt in your cheeky cream

6 slowly mix evenly with a doctor blade

7 Add a good blueberry and mix well with a scraper

8 Pour the doing ice cream into the 裱

9 裱 花 下,, put the ice cream liquid into the mold

10 After you make it, put it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours, and finally frozen overnight.


1, this formula is 8 quantities 2, the blueberry inside the formula can be converted to his favorite fruit 3, and the fruit should not beat too thin, which will affect the taste 4. This mold is plastic, it is best to use it. Hot towels are pushed down, or get the faucet, go to cool, and then gently turn it out.