"Do not advocate children to eat more ice cream, but if you can't avoid it, give your child a healthy nutritious ice cream."


Main material homemade cheese amount, fine sand sugar, cranberry dry amount, excipient water drops chocolate beans, black chocolate coin, sweet taste, frozen process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Practices for cheese crispy ice cream

1 Pour the self-made yogurt into the cheese machine and put the refrigerator for more than 24 hours.

2 do a good fresh cheese.

3 In the container, add the right amount of fine sugar to mix well according to a human taste.

4 cranberry dry shatter.

5 and chocolate beans are poured into the cheese paste.

6 dark chocolate coins solubilized.

7 After the fine temperature, the silica gel is applied with a brush to apply a layer thick, and the refrigerator is frozen for a few minutes until the setting.

8 into the cheese paste.(This step is best to operate directly within the refrigerator, otherwise the mold is soft and not good.)

9 is frozen for four or five hours, and the cheese is deprived and then demolded.

10 finished chart

11 finished chart

12 finished chart

13 finished chart