"Listening to the fitness friend, this is a drink, now I have to drink two times now, I just started to drink, but I was also used to it. I can try it.Real green drinks. Because the broken wall used is a vacuum status when juice is juice, it is very beautiful. It doesn't like celery can reduce the amount of celery, so the taste is clearer."


Significant cucumber 1, yogurt 2 cups, accessories of celery, original taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Celery cucumber milkshake practice steps

1 Preparation of ingredients used.

2 Pick the cucumber to cut the knife, and the celery wash well.

3 Inside the ingredients used in the wall.

4 After the cover, use a vacuum cover to extract the air in the cup.

5 Then select the juice mode to operate.

6 less than a minute, drinks are good.

7 Pour in the container can enjoy it.